Room systems made to measure

Making room for your precision work

The specific room function is all-important

When it comes to precision work, the temperature constancy of your environment is an important quality factor. Your levels of efficiency and economy, however, will always vary with the conditions of the application in hand. In order for the work process to function optimally, the needs of man and machine must be equally satisfied. That’s why Nerling Room Systems offer you the latest technology tailor-made to your requirements. Developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision machinery, planned in consultation with you, the customer and precisely geared to your needs in terms of size and complexity. And most importantly for your peace of mind: we assume the system responsibility, including – needless to say – a final functional inspection by a qualified specialist.
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 Quality through high-performance  technology

Carefully designed air conditioning and ventilation ensure a high degree of measuring accuracy and reproducible results:

  • horizontal and vertical temperature constancy
  • controlled air humidity
  • demand-regulated dust protection
  • logging and visual display of all relevant climatic data

This enables you to do justice to your measuring task and protect your investment.

Measurment room

Quality and the human factor

Precision measurements demand a high level of concentration and alertness. Consequently, your physical comfort is taken into account right from the start with:

  • optimal lighting
  • draught-free ventilation
  • noise and vibration
  • constant oxygen level,
    minimisation of dust and
    odour through a regular
    exchange of air.

 Quality and economy

Nerling room Systems guarantee
an efficient use of all
your resources:

  • quick, individual construction
  • long-term flexibility thanks to modular structure with delivery guarantee
  • robust, durable steel partitions
  • opimal energy balance
  • investment protection thanks to maintenance service