Cleanroom, highest technology for a clean job

Measurement, calibration, preadjustment – Micromechanics depends on a constant ambient climate and optimal working conditions.

The specific room function is all-important

When it comes to precision work, the temperature constancy of your environment is an important quality factor. Your levels of efficiency and economy, however, will always vary with the conditions of the application in hand. In order for the work process to function optimally, the needs of man and machine must be equally satisfied. That’s why Nerling Room Systems offer you the latest technology tailor-made to your requirements. Developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision machinery, planned in consultation with you the customer and precisely geared to your needs in terms of size and complexity. And most importantly for your peace of mind: we assume the system responsibility, including – needless to say – a final functional inspection by a qualified specialist.

One-stop shopping

In order to integrate measuring rooms systematically into the manufacturing process, it takes both attention to detail and the ability to see the bigger picture. As a general contractor with comprehensive engineering know-how, we can offer you both. With our modular Nerling Room Systems, you won’t need to make any unnecessary compromises. We give you the optimal solution every time. From simple measuring rooms closely integrated into the production environment to precision measuring rooms with temperature tolerances of less than half a degree.

Clean room booths
Cleanroom cabin with integrated material and personnel sluice (air lock)

  Giving way for your wishes                        

Five factors make your clean room a tailor-made place of work.

  • Shape of room and size
  • Cleanliness class
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Personnel and material sluice (air lock)
  • cleanroom ceiling

Clean room booths
Air-conditioned cleanroom cabin for the assembly of micro parts